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Dear fellows,
The potential of Metal 3D-Printing is tremendous. But the level of industrialization is still immature.
We want to change that!
Let's cooperate to build the backbone of an open, decentralized and secure platform.
We will ensure democratization and every user and provider will profit from the growth.

More qualified materials

Validated parameters


Less costs



Our Vision

We build a platform to provide all materials, parameters, data and services for the accelerated industrialization and democratization of Metal 3D-Printing

Who we are

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The NuCOS Team of interdisciplinary experts has many years of experience in development for digital twins. We create individual software and platform solutions with user-centered-design in combination with artifical-intelligence services.

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Rosswag Engineering offers a holistic and fully integrated process chain for Metal Additive Manufacturing services. This enables the efficient and economical production of functionally optimized metal components from many different materials.

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The research project “Platform-based B2B ecosystem for metal additive manufacturing” is funded by the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg in the program “Invest BW - Innovation” under the funding code BW1-0042 and supervised by VDI/VDE Technik + Innovation GmbH.

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